Hey guys! You are all probably aware that this is my first post in a while. Recently, I have been focusing more on bettering my Instagram presence so I slightly neglected my writing :(! I just got back from my birthday trip with my friend Kamila (click for IG) and couple of other “non-blogger”, camera shy … Continue Reading

Florida Keys has been one of my favorite US destinations for w while. I thought it was only right to shoot a lookbook/story to commemorate that. I know the video could be a little better and a little less shaky. But.. with very limited time and shooting without a tripod, trust me when I say … Continue Reading

Here are the detail for the first look from my most recent Florida trip. I got back to New York yesterday and I’ve been overloaded with the amount of editing work, sigh! But nonetheless I’m extremely excited to be working on my Lookbook video that should premier sometime in February. Fingers crossed.  Im wearing: Sneakers: Vans Jeans: … Continue Reading

Hey guys! I just came back from a much needed 3 day getaway to Florida Keys. One of the most relaxing places in my experience has been Key Largo. This small fishing Key features magnificent scenery, nature, animals and last but not least stunning tiki bars! lol. On Tuesday I decided to charter a boat and I … Continue Reading

Hey guys! It’s been some time since my last post. My life has been pretty hectic. Just signed my second lease on my second apartment in Jersey City overlooking Manhattan. The view is truly amazing and it is a great place for a quick getaway from the chaos of the City. Blog post coming soon! 🙂 … Continue Reading

A major part of my recent West Coast trip was a quick San Francisco visit. I always thought it was funny that I am so frequent in cities like Los Angeles or Las Vegas but somehow never manage to make it to any of the nearby treasures like San Fran. As a Cancer I like … Continue Reading

Couple of weeks ago I have made a somewhat spontaneous decision. I packed my necessities and decided to head for a road trip to Maine. I think we all have that one friend that just LOVES driving, no matter how long the distance. Thankfully, I also happen to have one. We stacked up on sugar-free … Continue Reading