One of my favorite style combos are dress shirts with pullover sweaters. It is an easy way for creating multiple outfits out of one. Personally, it gives me an easy solution to a style dilemma since you don’t have to worry about the cut and fit of the shirt (perfect if you gained a couple of extra pounds or too lazy to iron lol). If I could live in the spring/fall forever I probably would for that precise reason.

Some time ago I ran couple of errands and shopped in SoHo and Brookfield Place (near World Trade Center). Brookfield Place has a lot of amazing high end stores such as Gucci, Burberry or Club Monaco. I believe they also opened a Saks Fifth Avenue store. Beware, it is advised to scrape up all pennies before this trip (insert funny emoji here). Even if your intentions are not to shop it is still very much worth visiting Brookfield place. The architecture, design and overall execution is one of a kind.

The sweater I’m featuring has been one of my favorite pieces in the closet for a while. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a second one, find replacement or get it in any other size as I got it during the Cavalli sample sale in SoHo (Sorry guys there is no link!). I enjoy the versatility of such sweaters as you can rock it in many ways. Just to name a few:

Sweater + Blazer | Dress Shirt + Sweater + Blazer | Dress Shirt + Sweater

I chose to pair it up two ways which ultimately helped me create and shoot two different outfits without changing.


If you have ever tried creating multiple outfits, on Instagram use the hashtag #newyorkstyled. I am always looking for new inspirations.


I’m wearing:

Sweater: Cavalli

Blazer: Zara

Shoes: Topshop

Shirt: Express

Jeans: H&M


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