Hey guys! You are all probably aware that this is my first post in a while. Recently, I have been focusing more on bettering my Instagram presence so I slightly neglected my writing :(! I just got back from my birthday trip with my friend Kamila (click for IG) and couple of other “non-blogger”, camera shy friends. It was my 24th birthday and I do feel somewhat old, sigh. We spent over two weeks in Florida going down from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, South Beach and the Florida Keys (Key Largo, Marathon and Key West). A week before my birthday we decided to have dinner at one of my favorite places in Miami, the Versace Mansion aka Casa Casuarina. The restaurant is named after the famous resident “Gianni’s”. It offers a variety of Italian selections and a hefty wine list. We ordered to share chicken breast with vegetables, fungi risotto and the featured steak. We also shared a bottle of house champagne. Unfortunately the use of large cameras is prohibited on the property therefore some of the pictures were taken with my iPhone. Here are some images we managed to sneak.

Here are some professional google images:

Versace Mansion is a truly magnificent property. If you are ever in Miami area I highly recommend visiting and experiencing what pictures cannot capture!

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