I remember getting dressed convinced it was going to be nice out. The plan was to shoot pictures by the Brooklyn Bridge featuring some of the Spring men’s fashion. Little did I know, soon enough it started pouring. Since this decreased visibility I knew Brooklyn Bridge was not happening. The view would most likely be inadequate and would not live to its potential. All dressed up, my friend and I ran into the first store we saw and got our much needed umbrellas lol. We walked around for a while until we found a perfect spot near McCarren Park in Williamsburg.

Those who know me realize that I usually try to stay as far away from “difficult” weather as possible (don’t get me wrong I love snow and rain but that is when I get to watch it from my cozy New York apartment or skiing somewhere in the right gear). Regardless of how stormy it turned out to be I really enjoyed shooting this look and I think my new umbrella was a great accent that made pictures stand out even more.

What I hear a lot of people struggle with spring men’s fashion. They either do not know what to wear or when to wear it. They ask, “will I look silly without a coat? It’s kind of cold..”. I have to admit it is difficult to dress accordingly for this ever changing weather. When it gets too warm for a winter coat but too cold just to wear a blazer I have noticed that layering helps. A good undershirt/tank/t-shirt, shirt and a blazer topped with a scarf is my go to for uncertain spring days. It provides the necessary warmth without overbearing and when the sun decides to come out you can unbutton or simply take the scarf off.


I am wearing:
Zara blazer
Top Shop shirt
Gucci belt
Asos Loafers
Bows n Ties handmade Tie (Check out their instagram they have some really cools stuff) @bows_n_ties

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